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Thin Blue Line


Violent crime continues to devastate our communities. Our families, children and businesses deserve safe streets and peace of mind in their own homes, cars, schools, and place of work.


My approach to ending lawlessness in New Mexico starts with working on bipartisan legislation that holds violent criminals accountable, supports keeping law enforcement officers in jobs, and compassionate mental health and drug prevention programs that cuts recidivism rates.


The future of our children is currently at risk because Santa Fe politicians are more interested in pushing their extreme and dangerous social agenda rather than investing in their success. We continue to rank last in education and will stay there until we refocus our attention and funding on what really matters.

We know that students perform better when parents are involved, yet Santa Fe politicians insist on edging them out of the classroom. The government can’t parent your kids better than you, and I will not allow them to cut you out of the conversation. Additionally, your tax dollars should work for you and your child, meaning you should have the power to determine how and where your child learns best. 


Along with failing schools, we also continue to rank poorly in child welfare because the agency that is set up to protect vulnerable children, the Child, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD), fails them every single day. If we want to protect our most vulnerable children, we need major oversight and reorganization of the primary government agency whose mission which is to protect New Mexico's kids, not harm them.

Children in Classroom
Gabriel Ramos Overlooking The Mines in SW NM


The politicians and lobbyists in Santa Fe have attempted to kill our local industries that our Southwest New Mexico families depend on. We have a unique job market that includes tourism, mining, lumber, farming, and ranching. These jobs put food on the table of not only our hard-working families in Senate District 28, but throughout the state. As a husband and a father, I know that nothing matters more than keeping your family healthy, fed, and secure. That’s why I will fight to protect your businesses and industries from out-of-touch, job-killing politicians.


I’ll also protect our 'mom and pop' shops from stifling overregulation and an unfair tax code. A state that empowers entrepreneurs and encourages business growth is one that never lacks jobs or opportunities for its citizens.


I joined the New Mexico Army National Guard because I believe service and sacrifice is necessary to maintain our freedom. Right now, the entity that threatens our freedom the most is not some nation overseas, but our own state government.


My values have not changed. I still believe in common sense policy that supports the everyday New Mexican. I still believe that life is worth protecting. I still believe that the right to bear arms is not only constitutional, but a cultural way of life and means of protection for many in our community. And I’ll never forget that my purpose is to give people in Southwest New Mexico a voice, because we deserve to be respected and to be listened to. Elect Gabriel Ramos and I’ll make sure you’re heard loud and clear in the halls of the Santa Fe Roundhouse! 

Gabriel Ramos National Guard Headshot
Gila Mountains


We are blessed with incredible natural resources. No one knows how to take care of them like we do because we rely on them not only for enjoyment and recreation, but for our livelihoods and economy. 


The Gila National Forest is a national treasure that attracts tourists from near and far to explore its wonders, its breathtaking views and is a staple in this district. Its preservation is crucial. It is our responsibility to properly thin our forests so that they are less susceptible to dangerous fires. 

Santa Fe politicians don’t understand how much of an impact our forests, rivers and minerals have on our community. My family and I have dedicated our lives to preserving and promoting these precious resources, and I won’t give up our seat at the table when it comes to making room in the budget for us. When it comes to our water, our land, and our jobs, the community should be represented.

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